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MTZWear Legal Informatión

Industrial and Intellectual property
MTZWEAR is a registered trade name and is inventor of the first mask of Lucha Libre that is PATENTED around the world and it counts on the due protection of the law of industry property of invention and all the marks and logo that appear in the web-site are protected as it marks the law. One prohibits his copy, partial or total reproduction, its rent and its public execution, the violation to these prohibitions this sanctioned by articles 386 of the penal code and 135 and 136 of the federal law of author rights and other applicable and effective legal names.

Important: All the products that we make, without exception has our mark and logo on it. All the products contain logo in the part of the outside.

Copyright © 2006 MTZWEAR y Deportes Martínez. All rights reserved.

Order Status (What Does It Mean When My Order Says….?)
Processing: Immediately after placing your order, your account should list your order as processing. This status simply means that no action has been taken on the order. No order should remain processing longer than 1 business day. This order status does not mean that your payment has not been received; it simply means that no action has yet been taken regarding it.

Awaiting Payment: You have chosen a method of ordering that requires for you to send payment to us and it has not yet been received. Once payment has been received, you will be notified through an email.

Custom Order: You have selected an item that is being made especially for you. Because of the backlog of custom orders, we usually ask for 3-6 weeks for delivery. This time is neither a minimum or a maximum guarantee. Unfortunately, we cannot provide updates on your custom order status between the time it is placed until the time it is received unless 10 or more weeks have elapsed.

How Can I Order? works essentially like most other reputable online companies. You first navigate through our website, adding items to your shopping cart. Don’t be afraid to add items to the cart, you will be given an opportunity to remove items later, prior to be asked for payment. Like a typical store, you finalize your order through the “check out” process.

You should follow this shopping cart ordering method for all orders, whether they are with a credit card or with a money order or Western Union. Just follow the instructions, the site walks you through the ordering process like you are new to the internet.

Finding a Product
The main search tool on the website is search engine..

Gear & Boots – We do not have a specific time guarantee on wrestling gear/boots, but are addressed on an individual basis. However, we do everything in our power to make sure you are a satisfied customer. If you have ANY problems with your wrestling gear.

Our policy of return is very simple. Within the 7 days after given the article or according to the legal terms, you will be able to give back it by the following causes:

  • If the article presents/displays manufacture defects
  • If we sent a different by mistake that your original order
  • Procedimiento para la devoluci ón en una Mtz wear
  • If exist a mistake in the article that we sent, keep the original envelope and contact your touch with the Manager of the store.
  • If the store does not count on the existence, you will be able to choose another equivalent article of your preference
  • If you make the return of the merchandise, you will have to be in touch with the Manager of the store, presenting/displaying the merchandise, the original invoice.

Procedure for returns by service of mail

  • If in your locality no accounts with any store, you will be able to send the merchandise, using of preference, the same company of mail that gave the merchandise to him, assuring perfectly the package which will have to contain the original invoice, an explanatory note that indicates the reason for the return, and if you wish the replacement of the article.
  • Under no circumstance we reimbursed of your money since the manufacture of custom gear or mask or boots requires a cost.
  • If the merchandise by mail is sent, you will be sure to write down the following addressees correctly.

  • Do you have a Location I can Visit?

    Deportes Martínez
    Avenue Dr Rio Rio de la Loza no. 229-B, Col Doctores
    ZIP. 06720. Mexico DF Phone. fax(5255) 57-09-97-48 and 57-09-97-47

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