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Pro MASKS by CATALOG on request > Silver King Metallic fabric

Product on request order

The mask is made of emtallic fabric and synthetic leather

It can be made to suit either a standard (the standard measure is a large size, which is left for anyone weighing 60 to 90 kg).

We require 30 business days to process an order of that catalog to request on order. 30 business days (or working days) mean that only should have day from Monday to Friday and exclude weekends and holidays in Mexico. Plus SHIPPING DELIVERY TIME.
Find more information the of manufacture time on the section MTZ EVENTS
If you want this mask in some other combination of color or size, you must adhere colors or sizes that you wish change in the box at the bottom that says Observations or additional instructions once you click the buy button.

The information about the measurements can be found on our website at the part that red (How to take my measurements) an important measure we require is around the neck and head.

All masks come with a plastic case for improving conservation.
Please note, lettering/designs CAN be added to these pieces just send us and e-mail with draw, picture or design, sku or any detail that you would prefer ( to get especial quote.
The cost of shipping you can calculate giving a click in Buy and choosing the country where you reside.

Payment Options in Mexico: 1. Bank Deposits, 3. By credit card (enter Dinero Mail if the purchase is from Mexico or PayPal if overseas), 4. Bank Transfer Money in a Bank
5. by PayPal to:
In USA: 2. By Western Union 4. Transfer Money in a Bank 5. by PayPal to:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email ( Our sales team Deoprtes Martinez is happy to help.

Thank you for your preference.

Not accept returns of these products. In Mexico we do not have that system for refund of money, make sure you add the correct measurements or descriptions

The only products that we ship out immediately are those in our catalog in existence (in stock).

Thank you for your preference.

Price: $ 500.00 USD
Sale: $ 366.67 USD
Our Price: $ 5,500.00 MXP

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